Boston Accompanietta


About Us

We are a conceptual orchestra that seeks to present solo and accompaniment in an integrated artistic experience by embracing and developing the art of orchestral solo repertoire and presenting programs consisting largely of concerti. Accompanietta aims to emphasize both the virtuoso and the orchestra, creating a richer and more meaningful musical experience for the musicians and the audience.

The idea of unity of the contrast drives the concerto, both in its form and history. The word "concerto" is derived from the combination of two latin words conserere (meaning to join and interweave) and certamen (to fight). The soloist and orchestra independently flow between opposition and cooperation, engaging in contrasting or joint passions. This music is dynamic, and the active presence of both characters is an absolute necessity for the living music.

Accompanietta takes this idea to heart and, privileged with tremendous support from an always active and growing audience, it continues to bring life to music engaging all members of the concert hall.

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